Nano Silver Colloidal Product Description

—Advanced Silver ion Agapplication in agriculture

1. Increased seed germination rate.

2. Reduce moderate seed infections.

3. Disease prevention.

4. Curing diseases.

5. Soil improvement

6. Safety ,No drug resistance.


AGNP CLEAN ~Ag+ Nano Silver Aqueous solution

Epidemic Prevention : Bacterial , Virus , Mold , Fungal , Deodorant .

Nano silver ion  Agaqueous solution is very high concentration which gives greater efficiency and is more effective in killing more than 650 kinds of bacteria and virus.

AGNP CLEAN's  nano silver colloidal  solution product . It's already well dispersed, and easy to be applied. The content range we offer 10000ppm is the biggest choice for customer.
Comparing to traditional chemical medicine and antibiotics, AGNP CLEAN has no issues of drug resistance and residue in the body. It has been successfully used in aquaculture,agriculture,animal husbandry  and environmental.

<Microorganisms and plant diseases>

Plant microbial disease refers to a phenomenon in which a series of pathological changes occur in plants under the influence of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, which hinders the process of normal growth and development, thereby affecting people's economic benefits. Microbial diseases are contagious and can be spread among plants. According to statistics, the annual loss caused by microbial diseases is 15% of the total output of the planting industry, and the loss of some types of species is even as high as 39%-60%.

There are many types of crop diseases, and they can be divided into fungal diseases, bacterial diseases and viral diseases according to pathogenic microorganisms.

1. Fungal diseases

Plant fungal diseases account for 90% of plant diseases. Mycelium and spores are produced in fungal infected parts under moist conditions, resulting in white cotton flocs, filaments, powders of different colors, mists or The main symptoms of granular, plant fungal diseases are: necrosis, rot, and wilting.

2. Bacterial diseases

Diseases caused by bacteria are mainly manifested as the following symptoms: the lesions on the leaves are free of mold or powder, and the lesions are very thin and easy to break or puncture; the roots, leaves and stems are easy to rot and smell; There are small protrusions on the surface of the fruit; the vascular bundle at the tip of the root is easy to turn brown.

3. Types and transmission methods of viral diseases

Viral diseases are mainly manifested on young leaves. Although there are few species, they are harmful and difficult to treat. It is mainly spread by air, water, soil, seedlings, insect vectors, etc.





Organic application of silver ions in agriculture, organic cultivation, advanced application of organic fruits, improve seed germination rate, reduce moderate infections, prevent diseases, cure diseases, soil improvement, no drug residue. Effectively prevent and inhibit soil, plants, leaves or fruits Of bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi.

1. Improve seed germination rate:

Seeds always carry pathogenic bacteria, so we can use agnpclean to remove pathogens on the surface of the seeds. Increase germination rate, reduce plant diseases and increase yield.

Recommended use:

Dilute 2000 times and soak for 2 hours.


2. Reduce moderate infections:

After diluting agnpclean 2000 times, add it to the plants to be cultivated. It can reduce the chance of infection and increase the vitality of seeds.

Recommended use:

Dilute 2000 times and add to plants.


3. Disease prevention:

Recommended use:

After diluting agnpclean 2000 times, the plant will be absorbed by the roots.

We recommend using it every 7 days for the first two days and then using it again for the remaining 15 to 30 days.

It must be used once after rain because the bacteria content will increase greatly after rain. (Irrigate agnpclean onto plants)


4. Cure diseases:

Recommended use:

Dilute high-concentration nanosilver 2000-4000 times and spray it on the leaf surface or fruit surface.

Twice a month. (Spray on the surface to cure disease)


5. Soil improvement:

Recommended use:

One month before planting, the high-concentration nano silver was diluted 2000-4000 times in the soil.


<Selection of plant fungicides>

The correct choice of fungicide will directly determine the success or failure of disease control. To solve the microbial diseases of plants, it is necessary to use disinfectants to kill and control the pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses) during plant growth. An excellent plant fungicide needs to meet the following conditions:

1. Can kill pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses;

2. Ability to deal with soil, water, air, seedlings and other transmission methods;

3. It is required not to produce drug resistance (the land will be difficult to be suitable for repeated cultivation after long time accumulation)

4. No pollution and residues on plants and environment

5. No health hazard to the user's body.